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Is Islands8 gin available for international shipping?
Yes, Islands8 gin is available for purchase and shipping in several European countries. You can buy Islands8 gin in Malta, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France, Austria, and the Netherlands. The brand is actively working on expanding its distribution further. For the latest updates on availability and shipping, please keep an eye on our official announcements and website updates.
Can I buy it in-store?
Currently, Islands8 gin can be purchased in-store at the main supermarkets and bottle shops in Malta.
Does Islands8 have a shelf life?
There is no expiry date however, we do recommend keeping your bottles away from direct sunlight for optimum consumption – especially on a hot Mediterranean Summer day!
Where can I buy Islands8?
Islands8 Gin can be purchased directly from here and will be delivered straight to your door.
How do I drink Islands8?
Taste the Mediterranean with an Islands8 Gin over ice, mixed with a classic tonic and a slice of citrus fruit to perfectly compliment our 8 botanicals.
What is Islands8 alcohol percentage?
Islands8 Gin has an ABV of 40%. Always enjoy responsibly.
How is Islands8 made?
Islands8 Gin is made in small batches using traditional Maltese botanicals. The palate is constructed of hand-picked juniper berries, along with a subtle balance of the 8 primary herbs, which include Marjoram (merqtux), Thyme (sagħtar), Rosemary (klin), Sage (salvja), Dill (xibt), Aniseed (ħlewwa), Fennel (bużbież) and Mint (nagħniegħ).
Where is Islands8 made?
Islands8 gin is proudly crafted with the essence of Malta and expertly distilled in our neighboring country, Italy. The botanicals and flavors are inspired by the rugged Maltese landscape, capturing the unique essence of the islands.